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Founded in 1986, Micro Thermo’s beginnings started with providing intelligent temperature monitoring electronic modules in the supermarket environment. Seeing a demand for more monitoring points, Micro Thermo developed the Alliance system implementing revolutionary technology by LonWorks as early as 1995

The current MT Alliance® Vision is already the second generation system built on LonWorks technology, offering the cutting edge characteristics and benefits of interoperability. Micro Thermo is proud to be a LonMark® Associate, fully embracing and participating in the concept of interoperability between vendors for the benefit of end-users.

Since 1986, Micro Thermo has earned an enviable reputation across North America, due to our customer oriented attitude and our high standard of service.


Authorized dealer for Micro Thermo in Western Canada since 2001.

The LonMark® Interoperability Association

An open interoperable revolution is underway in the controls industry and one organization is taking the lead in delivering open interoperable products – the LonMark® Interoperability Association. Supported by a who’s-who of controls companies the LonMark® Association counts among its members not only the manufacturers fueling this revolution but also the end-users, equipment specifiers and system integrators driving its implementation.

The LonMark® Association’s mission is to enable the easy integration of multi-vendor systems based on LonWorks networks (developed by the Echelon Corporation) recognized internationally as a standard for open, interoperable control networks. Today over 3,500 companies are using LonWorks control networks to provide systems and solutions for building, home, industrial, telecommunications, transportation and other industries.

Having founded the MT Alliance® Platform on LonWorks technology, and as a member of the LonMark® Interoperability Association, Micro Thermo has positioned itself to be a leader in the supermarket controls industry for years to come.