MT Alliance® is the most flexible platform available: allowing clients to work with old and new systems like building blocks.

New construction situations

In this day and age there is no other way to go except an interoperable platform.

Existing situations

The advice given in the industry is that though there is no single answer, there are several things one should consider and ask one’s self:

  • Start by assessing system needs for the facility
  • Do the systems need to talk to each other? What might the benefit be if they did? (e.g. energy management)
  • How well have the existing systems been operating?
  • How well have the existing systems been supported by their manufacturers? by your staff?

Any problems with support or operations may be an early warning sign that the remaining useful life of the system is limited.

Even though it may not be possible to justify replacing all the systems at once, interoperability should be considered for any individual system that is in need of replacement now or in the future.

This step will ensure that a foundation will be in place that can then be built upon cost effectively, with the assurance that the investment will not face obsolescence since it is standards-based.

For more information on specific MT Alliance® Compatible applications available, see Applications Scope.