Micro Thermo Vision monitoring software

Designed specfically to stop spoilage and reduce product shrink as well as deliver flawlessly for HACCP plans, MT Vision is the most complete, effective monitoring system available today.

State-of-the-art in monitoring technology. It is a tireless assistant with a phenomenal memory: up to a year of logs can be visualized instantly for each point at one minute intervals if desired.

User-friendly because it displays your site graphically. You can find out very quickly where the alarm is by simply looking for red buttons located directly on up to 10 zoomable floor plans. This way you can act more quickly and prevent food losses. A new employee can be trained to use the MT Alliance® Vision in less than one hour.

Built-in Accountability Before store personnel can override alarms or temperature sensors, two pieces of information must be entered: the employee’s personal password and an explanation for the override request. The system tracks which employee initiated the override and why he did or she did so. Alarm panels disabled by anonymous employees become a thing of the past. It is now possible to reduce product loss, improve food safety, and strengthen your bottom line with superior alarm management.

Precise Control Individualized product profiles can be set up, specifying not only the ideal conditions for the product, but parameters for the unit it is stored in. Temperature specifications for High and Low Temperature limits as well as Optimum Temperatures are set for each profile. These sensor readings are recorded and stored at 1 minute intervals.

A time saving tool for an experienced refrigeration technician because he can diagnose problems and fine-tune his system simply by looking at the graphical temperature log of a given refrigerated case. This means better adjustments of the refrigeration process, energy savings and lower maintenance costs for you.